ZZ (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia) Plant

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  • Scientific Name – Zamioculcas zamiifolia

  • Life Cycle – Can live for 5-10 years, grow from cuttings or layering

  • Soil Type – Any well-draining soil

  • Plant Hardiness – Zones 10-12 outside, mostly grown inside

  • Light Requirements – Bright but indirect light

  • Water Requirements – Water only when soil is dry

  • Planting Date – Early spring

  • Flowering Season – They rarely flower

  • Height – Can grow 3-5 feet

  • Colors – Light green, dark green, and variegated foliage

  • Pests – Spider mites, aphids, root rot

  • Propagation – Stem cuttings



Is ZZ Plant an Indoor Plant

Yes! For the most part, the ZZ plant is an indoor plant. As it hails from Africa, if you live in a warm climate in Zones 10-12, you can plant it outside and enjoy its natural beauty. But in colder climates you will need to settle for keeping it indoors so that it will stay alive.

Is ZZ Plant a Good Plant

Houseplants are good at adding oxygen and creating better air in homes and offices, but the ZZ plant is especially adept at removing toxins from the air. Xylene, toluene, and benzene are several of the toxins that are no match for the ZZ plant. Having a ZZ plant in your home will help remove these toxins from your rooms.

What are the Benefits of ZZ Plant

There are many benefits to having plants in general, and especially the ZZ plant. Plants use photosynthesis to create oxygen, so that will fill the air in your home with oxygen. The ZZ plant is good at cleaning toxins from the air. In addition to offering cleaner air, the ZZ plant is also an element of feng shui, as a money plant in the wealth corner.


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